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Integrating Container Fields with PDF Readers & Dropbox


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I am handling task management for my cabinet shop with Filemaker Go on an i-Pad.


The CAD drawings are created as PDF documents then downloaded from Dropbox and inserted into a container field.

The container field is part of a database that establishes priorities,  assigns projects, monitors status etc.

I like the simplicity of keeping all this information in one location but I find the functionality of the PDF to be somewhat limited when just stored in the container field.


I also use an iPad PDF reader called iAnnotate.  In this case we  pull the same CAD-PDF  document down directly from Dropbox in order to amend or annotate it.  We used to print out documents on paper then use hi-liter felt pens to cross things off the list.  The PDF reader allows us to do this electronically and, more importantly, update the annotated drawing directly back onto Dropbox.


I would like to have the ability to electronically update drawings and have the updated drawings linked to the database container field.


Is there a way to integrate PDF readers with container fields?


Or is there a way to link container field contents to Dropbox folders?



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Jarvis- I am looking to do something similar with users that need to use BlueBeam to markup and share the PDF's, and integrate those pdf's into FMGo. 


The only thing I've found so far is this thread, pointing to dropbox API's in java, but i'm not sure if FMGo will work with this: 



If anyone has any further tips, please post.


My client wants to pull PDF's made by BlueBeam from dropbox into FMGo, and when clicking on them in FMGo they want BlueBeam to launch and edit the pdf.



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This topic is 2905 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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