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Email Script won't send email

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I'm new to Filemaker and I'm using Filemaker Pro Advanced and the files are stored on the server.


I've written a script that saves the record out as a pdf and then I want to attach this to an email and send it. I'd like the email to pop up so the person can manually enter the person he wants to send it to. I've attached the script I've written, any assistance would be very much appreciated.


Thanks in Advance



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You don't say what isn't working, and the complete script code is not visible.


Regardless, you should be able to get this working as intended by specifying the path of the previously created PDF for the attachment ($Path), and leaving the “No dialog” option unchecked. 


If you don't intend to keep the created PDFs, try using Get ( TemporaryPath ), so you don't need to clean up your Documents folder.

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Apologies, I've attached the full script. It just doesn't send the email. I'm sending it to myself to check and when I click the send email button I've created to send the email and trigger the script it doesn't do anything.

I thought it would create the email for me to perhaps amend and then send and it doesn't, nor do I receive an email into my inbox with the document attached.
Am I missing something?


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At first glance, I cannot see anything wrong with your script; it should create a new mail message in your client. I seem to remember that there were problem with certain e-mail clients, though …


If you like, post a copy here so we can check it.


btw, your profile says you have FM Advanced; maybe run the script with the Script Debugger to see what errors (if any) occur?

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Are you on a Mac?

Email sending only works if your default email client is Apple's Mail I think.  I changed to Postbox and my script stopped working too till I changed back again.

There's another issue with email address separators in Apple Mail I haven't figured, but that's only a problem if you're sending to multiple recipients which I don't think is the case.



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Your platform says Win 8 - if that is true and you have not installed another email program, your default is the Windows Hotmail and it will not work with this script step. You need to use a SMTP email instead -- I have a couple of gmail accounts that I use for FMP email sending -- the gmail SMTP is secure and easy to set up (instructions are on the gmail site). Otherwise, you need to install an email client program which is compatable with FMP and make it your default email program -- it is possible that Thunderbird will do this, but I am not sure. Gmail is really the easiest and most secure.




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Thank you all.

EOS, I've used the debugger and it's not giving me errors, which is why I thought it should work but doesn't.

I'm on win 7. The email at work is Outlook. I'll try GMail via the SMTP route and see if that works. :)

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This topic is 2903 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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