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Contextual Menu Execution

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No Access? Watch the preview video here. ContextualMenuExecution_Pre.mp4
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By Matt Petrowsky

One of FileMaker's biggest strengths for working with outside web services, as well as your own data, is the convenient Web Viewer. This one layout object allows you to reach outside of your database and reference anything out on the Internet.

My personal subscriber's database for managing this very web site uses a number of dedicated web viewers within a multi-pane tab panel.

The most useful aspects of web viewers is being able to either pull information out of them, via the GetLayoutObjectAttribute() function or something as simple as using the Copy[] script step.

In this video, I showcase how I use a variety of Get() functions in order to determine the current user context and then provide enhanced functionality for making it easier to accomplish common tasks such as searching for data.

Enjoy making your solutions more powerful? Then this video should spark your imagination with what's possible.

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This topic is 2894 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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