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Filtered Value List

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Hey Guys,


Having a bit of a nightmare trying to get my head around filtered value lists, and I'm guessing it's a relationship issue.


I've got two tables:


Item - Fields (id, name, linked_category)

Category (cat_id, name, filtername)


When creating new items, in the items table, I'd like to be able to have a category dropdown that I can filter (over 300 possible categories).


I was hoping to do this by using filtername, whereby the dropdown list of categories that I can choose for an item shows only values where filtername=value.


Whats the best way to go about achieving this ?







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Hi 3guk,


To achieve this, you'll need to enable the user to specify the filtername in the item record in order to then present them a list of the corresponding values from the Category table. So you'll need a filtername field in the Item table (you might consider making it a global field, assuming you don't need the value to persist in each record), and then a relationship (using the equijoin "=" relationship operator) from Item to a Table Occurrence of Category that matches the filtername fields in both tables.


With this set up, you'll then be able to set the value list to use values from the Category table occurrence (the one related Item::filtername=Category::filtername, choosing the option to display only related values, and specifying the "starting from" context as the Item table.




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