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Pulling number from webpage


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I'm fairly new to Filemaker (using FM 13) and trying to build a solution that'll compare what my company has in stock, with what our website says we have in stock. Everyday we do a physical count (inventory) on around 100 items, and we need to compare that with what the website says we have. 

My solution has a field for what the website says (for each item). Thought that the Insert From URL function would do the trick, but as I am so new to Filemaker, I can't figure out how to parse the data. I need to pull one number from the webpage. The code from the webpage is: (note: ignore extra spaces in code below):
< p class = " inventory " >  < span class = " inventoryCnt " >  3 in stock  < / span >
I need to grab that number (inventoryCnt) 3 from the webpage and put it in my Filemaker field.
From the Filemaker website I found this about the Insert from URL function; http://www.filemaker.com/help/12/fmp/html/scripts_ref1.36.46.html
I think the basic code would look something like this:
[select; No dialog; <table name::inventoryCnt>; webpage address]
However, that doesn't work and I am lost on how to correctly parse this out this webpage. Can any of you FileMaker experts walk me through the steps to do this? Would sincerely appreciate it!


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This topic is 2848 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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