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Help with Replace Field Contents script step...

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Hi All,


I'm running into some trouble with a script and could use some help. I have three fields I want to concatenate into a text string. The fields are named:

Proxy 1
Proxy 2
Proxy 3

The concatenating calc field is named:

Text String Export

What I would like to do is have the Proxy fields display a value list of other field names in my table, such as:

Shot Name
Pull Name

So, for each Proxy field you can choose which other field you want to include in the concatenated calc field.

Now, the concatenating calc field is working fine, but I cannot seem to get the proxy fields to properly enter the values of the other fields. I have created a value list containing the other field names I would like included, and have setup the Proxy fields to display that value list. Then I have a script trigger set to run the following script On Object Modify:

Set Variable [$FieldName; VFX Pulls::Proxy 1]
Replace Field Contents [No dialog; VFX Pulls::Proxy 1; $FieldName]

When the script runs, it simply enters the field name (e.g. Shot Name) into the Proxy field, as opposed to the contents of the Shot Name field (which would be something like "rs_0151_0020"). Normally, when you type a field name in the Replace Field Contents "replace with calculated results" box, it returns the contents of the field. I was hoping to emulate this behavior using a variable in the script, but I can't seem to get it to work. Can I not use variables in the Replace Field Contents script step? Is my variable not grabbing the correct value? Again, the idea is for the script to grab the contents of the Proxy field - which would be the field name selected from the value list - and then use that variable in the Replace Field Contents calculation to return the contents of the other field.

Any ideas anyone? Is there a better way to accomplish this task?

Many thanks,


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This topic is 2842 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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