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Writing an Availability System

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Now, I have a different problem. I want to script an availability system


First, if a person has been selected for an event, they are marked unavailable for events in the same time slot, with an estimated time

Then when a person schedules in advance they are out, the system will date compare against their out and return dates.


so far, I know that They need references to their status, The system already has a filter for Active status users

I want to add the ability After being assigned to a project, They are marked unavailable for anything in the same time slot

I also want to make it so that each staff member schedule in advance when they are out, and when they come back, ie,if person X has said he will be out at 2 pm x y z Day,

I also want to be able to enter whole days, ie, person x said he will be out on the 4th through 8th, so when ever the scheduled date or current time is within the range, they are marked out..

as I understand it, this could be a test with either 2 or 3 results. I understand that if I choose 2 results, I will never know if someone is just inactive cause they were fired, or from a show, does it make it much more difficult to have a 3 result check?


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I saw the nightwing demo, it pointed me in the right direction, but the script seemed confusing.




these are the fields I have to work with, and still at a stage where i can add more


I saw that i have to create a seperate table or layout to enter the outs and ins

and that's about where i could no longer follow.


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You are talking about a Scheduling and availability system, which is not a function of FMSP.    It certainly can be added... but its not a base part of FMSP.


You will need to sit down and structure out what you want done.  If it was me, I would have all the checks done via script triggers, so I could explicitly control the action of the checking and reservations and availability's.


- Richard

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I have somewhat accomplished this by manipulating the active/inactive field, but I think I need a 3rd status for already Assigned, is that going to cause problems? I don't think it will since almost no script uses "get boolean" and I can always get a 3rd Option scripted.

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This topic is 2798 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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