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iCal connection

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I set up a Zulu system about a year ago and all went well.  I've just done it again, got through setting up XML permissions and setting up extra tables/fields/layouts according to video at




License is registered and working well it seems.  This is on a FMS 13.0v5 Mac OS X 10.10.2 Mac Mini with SSDs and Zulu reports it is using version 1.357.  


All seems to go well until I try to get my iCal calendar to connect.  I put in my CalDav account in with my FileMaker Credentials and I get:


"Your Calendar couldn't be refreshed.  The request for account [account desc.] failed.  Operation:  CalDAVAccountRefreshQueueableOperation".  


The video shows an older version of iCal, but it looks like I am putting the correct information in.  I copied the URL from the "Your Calendar has been Published" web page.  I tried turning on SSL.  I tried manually putting in port 8008 or 8443 (SSL) and that didn't work.  I tried logging in with different accounts in that FM server.  I made sure the privilege group allows for XML connections in the FM File.  I've made sure the Admin Console has PHP and XML publishing turned on.  


I've turned off the Mac OS Firewall, but can't guarantee the router doesn't have a firewall (will check into that).  But I get authentication error which to me means a connection was tried and failed, ergo no firewall issues with port blocking.  


Thanks for any suggestions.  Much appreciated.  



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Unfortunately that is a generic error from iCal and doesn't tell us much.  Click the "Email Log File" link on the Zulu admin page to send us your logs and open a ticket in our support system.  I will have a look at them and get back to as soon as I can.



Joe Martin
360 Works
(866) 662-9185

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This topic is 2787 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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