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Calculation Issue

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I have a database that keeps track of the different characters we have in each day and is further broken down by units. The is a button called 'All Units', that allows you to select date ranges and also which units to include in the report. I have found a 'bug' so to speak that when you click on it and say select only the main unit in the report, it will only show up main unit, but the total count for the day will be higher cos it will still include other units if they are also using characters on that day. I am very basic on Filemaker, but I am guessing it is the calculation Xunique characters for  date, as it is still adding everything up even when you only select one unit. I am not sure what to do to the calculation to make it so it works out the day totals for all units but only when they are clicked. I think it also might be messing up the over all totals at the end of the report as they are always higher. I know they are wrong cos unit date report script works it out correctly.


An example of this is only selecting main unit and the day totals for say 21st aug and 26th Aug are wrong as they also seem to include 2nd unit into the total count even though it's only main unit selected.


Any help is very much appreciated. 


Am I even right in thinking it has to be the calculation as that is the part in the payout that recalls that information......


Hope this makes sense what I am trying to achieve.



I am using filemaker pro 13 and have mac yosmite. 



fully working 2 copy.fmp12.zip

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This topic is 2786 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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