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What approach should I use to script this report?

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I'm completely flummoxed as to how I should go about coding/scripting this report so it counts and averages scores; my apologies if I'm off-topic and posted in the incorrect forum.

Please refer to the attached.

The goal is to count the number of times a student earns "x" score, then those results are totaled and averaged. The data is stored in a Child table as two separate fields, DomainConcat ("1a, 1b, 1c", etc.) and Score (values from 1 to 3, only.)

Example: Say a student has six evaluation records. Of those six records, for Domain 1: 1a, two records had a Score Count of 1; one record had a Score Count of 2, and three records had a Score Count of 3; the total reflects the total of the scores; the average of the scores is 2.1 (2x1 + 1x2 + 3x3) / 6). This kind of tallying has to be accomplished for all 22 "subheads".

To complicate things, the report needs to be run for any number of students in the found set, not just one.

I know the script will have to loop is some fashion to find records by student number, then calculate out the counts and averages. That's about as far I've gotten with this. So, how do I go about scripting this? Do I also need to create new fields for each Domain-Subhead to store counts or can I use variables, instead?


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Correct, it is. So, given a found set of students (or all of them), the script would first find all the parent records belonging to a student number, produce the report, then move on to the next student.

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I believe it would be best to produce the report from a table of Subdomains, containing 22 permanent records. The layout would be in List view, sorted and summarized by Domain. In this table, you would also have a global StudentID field,  5 calculation fields to calculate the aggregate values, and 5 summary fields to summarize them (I am referring to the left-hand side of the report marked "OSTE"; I don't know where the 5 right-hand side columns are coming from).

The relationship between this table and the Evaluations table would be:

Subdomains::gStudentID = Evaluations::gStudentID
Subdomains::Subdomain = Evaluations::DomainConcat



The script would loop among the found set of Students: set a variable to the StudentID, go to the report layout, set Subdomains::gStudentID to the variable, produce the report and return to the layout of Students, before going to the next record.


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This topic is 2780 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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