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Missing Data

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I inherited a FM application and it was working fine.  Now when I open it, a form is displayed and initially 30 records appear and then immediately the records count drops to 7 before any action is taken.  The data is in mySQL.  If I watch a trace on the database I see an initial query "select * from invoice", and then quickly a second query "select * from invoice where year = 2012"  which limits the results.  


I opened a FM support ticket and was instructed to  uninstall and reinstall FMP.  I've done this multiple times.  I also attempted to delete all FMP files in "Library" with input from support.  

First Uninstall FileMaker then go to the user Library: Finder> Go > (Hold Option) Library


-Application Support will have a FileMaker Folder you can trash

-Caches will have some com.filemaker... folders as well as a FileMaker folder

-Preferences will have some com.filemaker... plists

-Saved Application State will have come com.filemaker... folders


This does not happen on another developers laptop with the same .FMP file.   

I rebuilt a 2nd laptop and I get the same missing data behavior with the FMP file that works on the other developers laptop.  And was previously working on mine.  


Any help would be greatly appreciated.  

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This topic is 2777 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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