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Capture data from previous record


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I've been thinking about what subforum this would be best for and the best way to communicate what it is I'm looking for. I hope I don't make it too confusing...

I have created an order system within a portal that allows the user to put together quotes using items from a separate inventory system. In the case of this example I'll note the use of a field called "Item Code" and "Description". This portal has a drag and drop system implemented, allowing the user to re-arrange the items added to the portal using a field called "sort order". 

I have added a feature to allow the user to create section headers within the order - I made a script to set the "Item Code" field to say SecHead and the description field can be set to what the user likes. This makes for a convenient way to allow the user to "tidy up" the order and make it easy to read. If the "Item Code" field contains the text SecHead I have various conditional formatting to separate that line item as a header and hide unwanted fields. If anything else is entered into the Item Code field the system assumes it's an adhoc item if the item code doesn't reference an existing inventory item. Long story short, works like a charm.

Now, I'm trying to get line items that aren't headers to "self identify" what section headers they fall under. This is going to give the user a clean interface once a warehouse member starts filling orders. Once a section of the order is completely filled it will "disappear" off the list, leaving only unfilled items displayed to Warehouse staff. As I mentioned above, the user viewing the order from the Accounts side can drag and drop line items up and down, so non SecHead line items need to be able to identify which closest SecHead line is above them and update accordingly if the user drags it down (or up) into another section (or drags the section header to another point). 

I currently have SecHead records flagging a HeaderFlag field with a numeric value of 1 for a few calculations. I'm guessing an additional field containing a unique serial number might be required. The dynamic properties of what I'm trying to achieve is where I'm getting stuck as I'm not sure how to make a calculation backtrack and stop once a certain value is found.

Comments/help appreciated :)

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This topic is 3101 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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