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Can't enter text field with upgrade to V14

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I'll try to describe this issue the best that I can, hopefully it'll make enough sense due to the odd nature of my issue.

OSX 10.9.5, FMS14.03, 2.6Ghz,16GB RAM, SSD HD, Safari 9, I.E. 11


In FM 13, I had created a custom theme to match company color scheme, etc.  This worked very well with Server 13 Webdirect.  We recently upgrade our production server to Server 14.  Now when I view the WebDirect pages using this custom theme, I can't place the cursor/change focus in an empty edit field.  With fields that already have data in them, I can click on and add/change as expected. Drop-down type of field are OK, just regular edit box fields.With Safari 9, all of the coloring and element placement is as expected, but when I view the pages with I.E. 11 or Windows Chrome, nothing looks right - all of the labels are out of place and none of the coloring is there.  Which again, was working just file with FMS13.

The above behavior only happens when using this custom theme.  I'm not aware of any instructions that were need when upgrading to V14 or known bugs, but I could have simply overlooked them.  Is anyone aware of this and/or offer any explanation or help in resolving?  I can switch the layouts to use a pre-build theme, but that will only be a temporary solution.   


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This topic is 3044 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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