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Editing runtime in Filemaker Pro 12 - HELP!


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I am a fairly low level user of FMP12 advanced. I created a runtime for a friend who runs a kitchen business. It logs customers, jobs and invoices (all linked tables).

Then he moved house! And the invoice had the wrong address on it - seemed simple - all I needed to do was to change the address! I had two strategies, either:

a ) Modify the runtime in FMP12

b ) Modify the original database in FMP12, create a new runtime, then export the records out of the old runtime into the new version

Lets deal with b first. Just loads of problems. For some reason the records just did not come across consistently (e.g. 120 customers in original - 138 when exported) and there were issues about the linked fields showing in other tables.

So to plan a. I have seen multiple references on the forums to being able to open a runtime with FMP12 advanced. But I can't do it! I have main .exe file and then loads of other files. I just cannot open it.

I would REALLY appreciate some simple guidance on this - such a seemingly simple problem is causing so much stress!

Many thanks in anticipation :-)


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A runtime solution has many files. One (or several) of these is/are the solution files. These files have the extension you have selected when creating the runtime. The default used to be .USR, I believe it's .fmpur now. These files can be opened in the Filemaker application just like any regular Filemaker file.

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Hi - thanks for this. I had forgotten that when I had created the runtime I had named this file with a rbr extension (my initials!). I found this file and it did open in FMP12. I was able to make the mods within the Runtime and it seems to be running fine again as a standalone.

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This topic is 3031 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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