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Losing data

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We upgraded our server database to 13.  Now we are losing data.  We have 12 sites that use go to input data.  When they return to the databae, it's gone.  This never happened on 12.  I'm so frustrated I'm about to dump FMP.  Please someone throw me a line here =(

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Sounds like a serious problem. And frustrating!

It's unlikely upgrading from 12 to 13 would cause data loss. And it is difficult to help with such a vague problem.

Are you hosting using FileMaker Server? How is the database being hosted (3rd party, in house)? What are the specs on the hosting machine? Who is responsible for ensuring there is access to it?

Are Go users doing data entry locally, then syncing or are they using the server live? Is all data missing or just some? If just some, is it certain users or certain times of the day?

If you drop FileMaker, what is your plan for transferring data and ensuring that the new system works? What if when the new system doesn't meet expectations?

There are probably 30 questions like these a FileMaker consultant will ask you, and the questions will depend on answers to previous ones and many of the questions will come up based on actually reviewing the database itself. Doing that sort of back and forth asynchronously on a forum isn't a good use of time.

In Columbus, I recommend Joe Simpson: http://radicalappdev.com/contact-2/


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Thanks David.  I'm so frustate, I have sent a message to Joe.  It seems like nothing works right with Filemaker anymore.  I have worked with this program since 1997, and I have never had this much difficulty.  Anymore and I am moving on to something else.


Thanks for your help, you have no idea how much i appreciate it.



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This topic is 3011 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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