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I have a database where the user enters a selection through radio buttons (HE, EFF, NI, U). 30 total questions labeled rdoIndicator1, 2, 3, etc... Before entering their selections, they are required to enter they school level (ELEM, MS, HS, ALT)

In a separate layout I want to count all the HE for elementary, for middle, etc. I have a related table called ElemCounts, MSCounts, HSCounts, AltCounts with fields labeled Indicator1_HECount, ECount, etc.. the part I am getting stuck is with getting a calculation to work where it checks if the school is Elementary and rdoIndicator1 was HE, then again for EFF, etc...

Any help is appreciated

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I am not sure I understand your description correctly. It sounds like your table has 30 fields, one for each question (or rather one for each response to a question)? That would make it very difficult to summarize the responses. You should use a relate table for the responses, where each response to a question would be a separate record, with fields for UserID, Question ID and Response. With this in place you can use traditional reporting methods to produce the summary values - all it would require, I think, is a single summary field to count the records. And you should most certainly not need a table for each data category.

P.S. Do a search for "survey" to find previous discussions on this topic.

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This topic is 2385 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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