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Records showing up that aren't really there.

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I couldn't find a more appropriate place for this topic so if this isn't the right place please point me there.

I have a database that tracks the products we sell: SKU, PLU, ID, and a pile of other info.  There are a number of tables as well to view product information, the PLU list (list of items with PLUs in sorted order), and several others.  One of the things the PLU list table does is allow me to print the products with PLUs.  In that list I see that the same item (same SKU) has 2 different PLUs.  I search the other tables for both those PLUs and only get the one that's actually there.  Sounds confusing but let me try an example:

Inventory Table:

SKU 350100, PLU 1200, ID (something)  The PLU is looked up in the PLU Table based on the SKU (SKU = PLU)

PLU Table:

PLU 1200, SKU 350100, ID (something)

PLU 1210, SKU 350100, ID (something).

Now if I search the inventory table for PLU 1210 it returns the record for PLU 1200.  This doesn't happen with all records, just some (quite a few, just not all).  If I delete the record for PLU 1210 the record for PLU 1200 disappears as well.

Is this adequately explained or should I screen print something?



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I'm thinking it's something to do with the relationship between the Inventory and PLU tables (based on SKU=PLU? That seems weird).

If you're on a layout based on Inventory, and you're searching the related PLU field, maybe in a portal... that's the kind of effect you might see.

It would help to know how the tables are related, and yes a screenshot or maybe an example file would help.

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This topic is 2987 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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