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sub summary part is creating different heights in the report


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I have a report that has two sub summaries, so it is first sorted by date, then within that date it is sorted by unit. 

When I only have one sub summary it (the date one) the sub summary part is always the correct height (seen when clicking on the crowd report button, however when I put in a second sub summary so it sorts the units within those dates it can then randomly do different heights for the date part. (seen clicking on the crowd report with units split button) I need to have it so it doesn't do this... some pages it makes it 3/4 of the page, others half a page, others it does it normally.


The second issue I am having is in the divider line that runs vertical in the crowd report layout (runs left of the character list / standing list) currently it will adjust to fit what is listed in the characters and standings list. however if I now try to put say a stunts list underneath it and extend it suddenly it no longer adjusts and stays at the long length even though I have not changed anything. 


Any help is very much appreciated as the unit part is ruining the layout when it generates the report. Any more info you need from me please message.






Crowd Breakdown Template backup.fmp12

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This topic is 2354 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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