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Cake production - Relation needed


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Hi there! I'm new here and almost new to FMpro (such a great program!).

I'm from Belgium and I actually live in Brazil, so, please forgive my english if I make some mistake. I'll try to explain my problem clearly:

let's consider a Cake factory.

I got those tables:

Cakes (identify the cake and its specificities such as flavour ...)

CakeDetail (Join Table between cakes and ingredients - a reciep-like table)

Ingredients (table with items such as floor, eggs, fruits...)

Production (this table is filled with everyday production - ex. 3 chocolate cakes, 4 cherry cakes....)

ProductionDetail (Join Table between Production and Cakes where we can enter what number of wich cake we procuce in every production)

Where am I stuck? ==> On my Production layout, I would like to see the amount of every ingredient needed for the current Production. If we consider a production with 4 chocolate cakes, 5 cherry cakes, 3 strawberry cakes: how much floor, eggs, ... for the full production?

I attach the file here, sorry if it is in french but I think whith the explanations it is quiet clear.

I thanks you all a lot by advance for your valuable help!




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This thread and sample files may help


Essentially you are trying to create a 'shopping list' report-all the ingredients that will be needed (used).  But the trickier part to consider is do you now need to deduct these ingredients from inventory?

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hummmm Yes. :)

I've been reading the post you told about. I'll take some idea from there ex: the multi suplier table for an ingredient.

I'm already able to "see" all the ingrediente needed for my production, but I don't know how tu summarize them:

I mean, I know something is missing, maybe one more table to join something. 

I'll keep searching

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I am having a little trouble deciphering with the language barrier, but it seems to me that your relationships are not set up correctly.

For starters, you shouldn't allow a user to change you primary key. I also don't understand the many to many relationship between Ingredients and GatxIngredients

Take a look at this sample file by the great and powerful Comment, showing you how to summarize a portal.  See if this is the basis for what you are trying to accomplish


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This topic is 2882 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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