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Merge Fields

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Not sure if this is the right forum ...

I have a client who needs to edit a form letter every now and then.  Though I've placed this form letter on the layout itself with merge fields which work great when we print this layout ... however, the form letter is not editable.

I've watched Michael Rocharde blog on "YouTube" how he creates this letter by typing into a field and then he inserts these merge fields by clicking on a button ??? .  So what I did was copy my layout letter with the merge fields and pasted it into my test fields.  When I went into Preview mode the merge fields did not update to the data ??? It just showed the merge fields <<Contact::email_address>> within the body text.

I've tried to contact Michael but not sure if he'll respond.

Any guidance here how merge fields work when being place inside text fields, meaning I copies the letter from my layout and pasted it into my test field and the "Merge" fields didn't populate themselves with the date.  All I am wanting to do is edit the text around the the "Merge" fields not the "Merge" fields themselves.

Here's what it looks like in the test field where I've pasted from my layout. In preview mode and or printing the merge field have not update.

TERMS & CONDITIONS - Storage Service Agreement #<<a_kp_agreement_id>> for:


              <<CONTACTS::contact_billing>>   (The Customer)


I've reached out to Michael because he says that you can place this master letter in any part of your database and the merge fields will be replace with the data, which is the part that is confusing to me.  How do you get the master letter which is editable into a record and is the master letter living on the same table as the record lives ??


Any assistance in this matter I would be grateful.




Thank you


Mr. Ignoramus

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Merge fields work only in text blocks placed directly on the layout. If you're entering your text into a field (as you must, if you want users to be able to edit it without being given layout-editing privileges), you must use a script and/or a calculation field to substitute the placeholders with actual values. In this scenario, the << and >> symbols are meaningless as such - you could just as well use [[Name]] or $Name$ to mark up the placeholders.

See also:
(ask the forum administrators for the current URLs of the links appearing there).

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This topic is 2251 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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