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MirrorSync pauses indefinitely


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when I setup MirrorSync 2.5 in April I had no problems to get things working. 

After a longer break I tried a very similar setup with MirrorSync 2.6, Build 8823 a few days ago and ran into problems.
The Sync doesn't work, the program hangs.
The clients debugger shows me that the script paused at one of the many occurances of the following lines:

if [ not $$isServer ]
    Pause/Resume Script [ Duration (seconds): /*0.1*/ ]
End If

Though the documentation of Pause/Resume says: "...The For duration value must evaluate as a number, which is the duration of the pause in seconds. If you use the Specify Calculation dialog box to determine the duration, the calculation result must be a number or your script will not pause." it seems to me as the script paused indefinitely.

If I try to uncomment the value 0.1, the value is not accepted. If I replace the value with 0,1 the value is accepted and displayed as ,1. 
After replacing all occurances of "/*0.1*/" with "0,1" the script worked for me! 

As my server (where I also generated the MirrorSync script steps) is located in germany, it seems to me the that I have an numberformat issue.

Well, the pasted MirrorSync script has more than 10,000 lines and I'm not sure if I cought all occurances of the above expression.

I have the following questions:

Is it true, there is no build in way to do a find / replace inside a filemaker script?
Is there a workaround to solve my problem?

@360Works: Is it possible to use an variable for defining the length of the pause/resume? 
I just had to fix it in one place, than.

Many thanks in advance for your help!





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This is a problem caused by having the MirrorSync service instance running in a different locale than FileMaker. See these instructions for more details:


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This topic is 1858 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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