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HELP - Data lost!

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I ran out of space on my laptop, so I moved a huge folder called data (where I keep mostly installer EXE files) to another PC.  Big mistake.  Now, there are NO ENTRIES in my FileMaker file.  I looked for FMPRO files in the data folder, but couldn't find them.


How do I fix this mess?  What is the name of the subfolder in data that I need?

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Confused. You say there are no entries in your filemaker file. This implies that you do have the database file open. Unless what you mean is when you open FileMaker, you cannot find any files to open.

If the former, go up in the menue and do a find all and open the status area to see how many records are actually in there. If you actually have the fmp file, moving other items to another PC should not affect the data.

If the latter, do searches for the file on both computers. Again, if you have just moved things around the file should not disappear.

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