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Access my Database from anywhere

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i have my database hosted in a server at the office, i can open the database in my browser when am at the office network by simply entering this address in my browser

I want to access the database from any browser, what could be a possible solution ?

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There are several ways to achieve this.  You could setup a VPN from the remote location, you could Portmap a public IP number (ideally a static IP number) through your firewall to your 192.168 number, or you could go with a professional Filemaker Hosting company, like us, who would host your fmp12 file in a datacentre

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      I am going to migrate my FileMaker server from one server machine to another and I am in the process of testing the transfer. However following the test transfer I have discovered that accessing database files in the new server via WebDirect is not functioning properly. I wonder if the community can offer some advice?
      Normally upon entering the hyperlink (i.e. <host>/fmi/webd/), I would be presented the default WebDirect screen asking for my credentials before presenting me with the list of database files available. However when the files are hosted on the new server, I only get the default WebDirect screen but no requests for my credentials and no database files are displayed. I also tested access using the server machine's own web browser via localhost/fmi/webd/ but got the same result.
      On the other hand, I have tested access via FMP and FMG and they are all working fine.
      I'm at a lost as to where the settings went wrong or where to start with, and I would really appreciate if the community can offer some advice and suggestions. Many thanks for your time and help.
      The MacGuffin