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DotFMP - The Pan European Un-Conference

Ocean West



I don't blog much - but I wanted to say i really enjoyed my second visit to dotFMP.com in Berlin a few weeks ago ( first week of June). It was a fantastic collection of brilliant talent! and very kindred souls, that I have had the pleasure of visiting.

The start to the conference in Berlin was the oldest beer garden in east Berlin - and well when in Berlin :wholeyard:

IMG_5467.thumb.JPG.309101e1e96880ca5da8e IMG_5464.thumb.JPG.22a481c47065c06be8a09

Was a great way to start a conference. 

Here is an audio recording of a impromptu podcast I did with Egbert or @pixi the conference organizer.  


It was a fantastic program and encourage everyone to come next year June 2-4 in 2016  Point you browser to dotfmp.com or on twitter @dotfmp for the latest updates.


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