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Dynamic Record Tagging

FileMaker Magazine



One of the best parts of developing within FileMaker Pro is that you don’t need to create every single thing from scratch. For example, having a Popover widget at the ready for immediate use in any layout is a really big benefit. It’s an automatic space saver.

However, what FileMaker doesn’t have built-in are certain features you might expect in most modern day software. How about a tagging feature which allows users to tag records and find those records on demand. This is something which isn’t built into FileMaker Pro. So you have to create the feature.

Well, we can certainly build one into any system within a short amount of time. Knowing how to use FileMaker’s Hide Calculation, Button Bars and script triggers allows for a very nice feature addition.

In this video, I’ll show you how to integrate a user-friendly dynamic record tagging solution which can be used in any FileMaker database. It takes advantage of the default checkbox widget and can be modified to suit your solution’s needs very easily. Sit back and relax as we learn more about using FileMaker to provide valuable user features!

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