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Native Responsive Text Objects

FileMaker Magazine



Nothing screams responsive more than text which grows or shrinks based on the device upon which it’s being viewed. The sad part of the previous statement is that FileMaker does not provide a native way of doing this. There’s no Conditional Formatting which says when Get ( WindowContentWidth ) > 768 scale the font size by 120%.

There is, however, a quaint little trick you can do with a few of FileMaker’s native functions along with a powerful Custom Function named CustomList. When you know how to piece things together, you can easily accomplish native responsive text within FileMaker.

This inside information is very valuable when you’re designing for a number of mobile devices. You can, for example, design a splash or a floating dialog layout and have its text content scale respectively of the device it’s being viewed upon.

Your 16pt text for the iPhone will easily become 34pt text for the iPad Pro. It’s a simple matter of knowing how to natively scale the text responsively. Fortunately, as a subscriber of this site, you’ll know how to do this in very short time!

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