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Using Utility Scripts

FileMaker Magazine



Learning how to efficiently create scripts within FileMaker is a never ending process. It's a balance of leveraging what you know and mixing in newly added features along with new ways of doing things. Optimization and cleanup will always be part of the ever growing software solution.

In this video, I present the topic of using utility scripts in order to save precious development time. You know, those reusable scripts which prevent you from writing unique and dedicated scripts for every possible scenario in which the user will interact with your solution.

They're the scripts which end up saving you a ton of time and get used over and over again. They can be used stand-alone or they can be called by other scripts. But, no matter how they are used, it's certain they are valuable pieces of reusable code.

If saving time and reducing the number of scripts you write is of any interest, then this video will have the information you need.

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