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QR Code Login Systems

FileMaker Magazine



When QR codes started gaining traction, the world’s developers were full of ideas about how they could be used. Large real-world multi-player games were even created and they started showing up on all kinds of packaging, products and marketing.

It was thought that the world would communicate via their mobile devices and go scan crazy when it came to QR codes.

The reality, however, was that while they are used quite a bit within industry and in many different ways, their general use is still somewhat lackluster.

Regardless, however, of how the general public feels about QR codes, we can take full advantage of them within our own FileMaker solutions. When you think a bit creatively, and you use knowledge about cryptographic hashing recently released within FileMaker 13, you can devise some pretty useful systems for interaction amongst groups of people.

In this video, I showcase a system being put in place for helping people to register for events or even log into FileMaker systems in order to update their personal information. With the content shown in this video, the sky’s the limit in terms of how you start to use QR codes in your own FileMaker solutions!

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