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What Is Account Lockout?

Steven H. Blackwell



The new version of the FileMaker Platform contains a new feature called Account Lockout.  This feature’s purpose is to help thwart brute force attacks against hosted files.  Such attacks try a large number of passwords against an Account in an attempt to gain access to the file.

Here are a few key points about this new feature:

v It works for files hosted on FileMaker® Server 17 only.  It does not work for files hosted on earlier versions of FileMaker Server or for stand-alone files.

v It works against internal FileMaker Accounts only.  Externally authenticated Accounts, including those using oAuth, have their own rules regarding failed attempts.

v Any version of FileMaker Pro that can access the files on the Server can trigger this feature.  It does not have to be a FileMaker® Pro 17 Advanced client.


For a detailed description of this new feature, complete with illustrations, you can download the attached PDF.


Steven H. Blackwell

Platinum Member Emeritus, FileMaker Business Alliance





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