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Test Your FileMaker Performance with BenchTest 2.0



Meet BenchTest 2, our free benchmarking tool for Claris FileMaker. You can use it to measure and compare performance of different techniques to do the same thing, different versions of FileMaker Pro and FileMaker Server, or different client, server and network configurations.




We created BenchTest for FileMaker DevCon 2013 to show how different ways to do the same thing compare to each other in terms of performance. We compared speed of aggregate functions with summaries, different ways to count related records, finds in indexed fields vs unindexed, and several more techniques developers use every day without even thinking if there might be a better way.

Then we used the tool internally to run over 200,000 tests within our FileMaker Performance Lab to find out how each new version of FileMaker compared to its predecessors, how fast FileMaker runs on Windows compared to Mac, or when it's good to use Perform Script on Server and when not. It has become our tool to find out what's the right way to do something when we have multiple choices.

Now it can be your tool as well.




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