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This is a simple file that can help you with version control. If you work from different locations or use different computers it can get frustrating keeping track of the most current version. I tried drop box, but had many issues of conflicting copies and found myself repeating hours of work due to poor version management. This file will allow you to have a secure location to keep your file. To work on a file you must check it out, and minimize the version control file. The Version Control file will not close until you check back in your file. It automatically updates the build number each time you check in your file and also requires a brief description of changes made. By hosting the version file you will always be working from the most recent project file and it will be kept in a central storage location. I made this file for myself and you may use a very different numbering or tracking method, so feel free to alter this file as needed to suite your needs. Please let me know if you encounter any bugs!

NOTE: When checking in a file the checked in file replaces the checked out file. If you wish to keep a copy of the file prior to change make a new version and then check out the file and continue modification. Also, this is for development files only. If you have large files with lots of data this will be a slow process over a WAN.

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