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I have a Script that takes an image located in a Container Field and exports it to a designated folder.

I have tested this when exporting it to a local machine and it works. 

On the script, I have it exporting to our FileMaker Server.

I have a field that is set to show the path of the export location.

When I execute the script, it shows the proper path, but the file inside of the container is not being exported.

*I have made sure the folder security allows the server Write access to the folder.

*The initial script that executes the script on a server is working properly.


Any help is appreciated. Thanks.


Attached is a picture of my script.




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Store the last error in a field in that record and check what the error is. It's always hard to troubleshoot blind on the server.

Also, you don't need to commit after setting a variable just when setting a field (or inserting data). And you don't need to show all records when you specify to go to a certain record.

The least number of script steps you can achieve the result with, the better--as long as you can clearly debug your process.

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