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Mark Stuller

Recovery Mode

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We have had situations where a record has been deleted from the Hosted database and then reappeared. I've chalked this up to a client getting into Recovery Mode. That Spoke still has that record and so for safety's sake, MS will recreate that on the hosted side. Does that reasonable?

If so, what *will* put a Spoke into Recovery Mode? If any sync fails, does the next sync put them into RM? Do they stay in RM until they have a successful sync? If that is so should a Spoke then seek to have a successful sync *as soon as possible* to keep Recovery Mode from putting records 'back' that were deleted? i.e. the longer a Spoke has a Failed sync 'pending' the longer this circumstance creates a higher likelyhood for this to occur.

Anything else about RM that's valuable to know? Thanks, Mark

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Mark, I forgot to mention - the version I sent you today (3.1203) fixes an issue where recovery mode could be engaged when there are multiple syncs simultaneously running.

If user A is running a sync, which writes records to the server, and then user B starts a sync after that but before A finishes their sync, then B runs in recovery mode. This is now fixed.

In addition, there is a client-side change to the MirrorSync script which prevents recovery mode in the case where the client aborts the sync when waiting for a response from the server. You won't get this feature until your users get an updated file with a new MirrorSync script, but their existing script is still compatible.

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Thanks Jesse. I'll get it installed as soon as I'm back in the office.

Appreciate your work for us all. Mark

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