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Karlos Fandango

Get (FilePath) not working

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Hi, I wonder if anyone can help. I have a folder on my desktop called “quotes” and have a working script that saves quotes in a PDF format to that folder.

1). This works just fine…

Get ( DesktopPath )  & "/" & "quotes" & "/" &  Quotes::Quote_Pk & "-Quote.pdf"

2). But can anyone tell me why this doesn’t…

Get ( FilePath )  & "/" & "quotes" & "/" &  Quotes::Quote_Pk & "-Quote.pdf”

…using the second I get the following error message…


“Q-00272-Quote.pdf” could not be created on this disk.  Use a different name, make more room on the disk, unlock it or use a different disk.

I need the second script to work because we have had to move the database as well as the "quotes” folder, to another location.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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The Get ( FilePath ) function returns the full path to your solution file - including the filename. It makes no sense to append a "/" to the result.

If you want to calculate a path relative to your solution file, you must start by removing the filename from the path returned by Get ( FilePath ). For example, if the folder named "quotes" is in the same folder as your solution file, the following should work as the path for the saved PDF file:

Let ( [
path = Get ( FilePath ) ;
pos = Position ( path ; "/" ; Length ( path ) ; - 1 ) ;
dir = Left ( path ; pos )
] ;
dir & "quotes/" & Quotes::Quote_Pk &"-Quote.pdf”


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