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SSD - No MirrorSync Configuration or Registration After Server Restart

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I recently switched to using a symlink for MirrorSync to a thunderbolt SSD drive to maximize  r/w speeds on my OS X server.

I restarted the server for the first time today since making that move.

After the restart I launched MirrorSync Config Client but my configuration was blank. The window asking for the software registration key was open and unpopulated. 

I restarted the server a couple more times with the same results.

Finally I decided to stop/start just the MirrorSync App using Applications/360Works Admin.jar and fortunately my config and registration returned.

My guess is that at startup MIrrorSync is up and running before the SSD is mounted during the boot process; MIrrorSync cannot access the config and registration data. MirrorSync app needs the restart to recognize that the SSD has been mounted and the data is available.

If this is the case is there anyway you can program some sort of delay in MirrorSync startup to accommodate such a delay in the SSD mounting? Otherwise I need to reemember to stop/start MIrrorSync app if the server is ever restarted.

Many thanks,



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How are you setting MirrorSync to use the SSD? The way I usually do it is by creating a soft symbolic link from the /Library/360Works/SyncData3_MirrorSync to a folder on the SSD drive. Is that what you're doing?

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Yes, that is what I am doing.

The SSD is a thunderbolt drive, which is connected to a Pegasus R2 thunderbolt RAID which is connected to the Mac.



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OK. I've never observed the behavior you're talking about, it might just be necessary to stop and start MirrorSync after a reboot.

The next time you reboot your computer, if it happens again, then stop / start it, then submit a problem report. I can look at the log to see if your theory is correct.

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