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how to add text from parent record to child in portal

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Hi all!


I’m hoping you can help me out with a portal problem I can’t figure out. I’ve probably just overlooking something obvious. I haven’t posted to the forum before but have been a frequent visitor ;-)

For clarity, I've attached the screen shots in a PDF. If necessary I can also post the file.

I have a portal that creates child tables and it all looks fine, but I would like to have one field that is keyed in outside the portal (fos_file_name) but then used in each of the child records.


I have this set up so the fos_root_name is at the top.  When that is keyed in I would like to have it placed in each of the child records in the portal with a sequence number (using portal record) appended to the fos_root_name. This would be triggered once the date or the operators initial are entered.

Everything works fine with the exception of the fost_root_name. I’m assuming I need a variable to store this text for the parent record until a new parent (artifact) is created.


I can get the sequence number to appear, and the primary and foreign keys are looking good, I’m just not sure how to script this fos_root_name.


Any help would be wonderful!

field not displaying in portal.pdf

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If I understand you correctly you should be able to create a calculation field in the child table << ParentTable::fos_root_name & ChildTable::sequence number >>

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