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Seth Redlus

Scribe Excel "Next Column"

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I'm new to scribe, and I'm trying to build a looping script that will systematically go through all the data in a given spreadsheet. The challenge I have is that though it's easy for me to build a script to advance rows:

Set Variable $currentrow = 1
Set Variable $currentrow + 1

Columns however are different. How can I tell it to advance to the next column since I can't do it via a mathematic equation? I only ask because the spreadsheets I'm trying to import have between 100-110 columns, so I don't want to have to hand-build the logic to "go to the next column" since I have to be able to get to column "CI" in this book.



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Hi Seth,

I have accomplished this in that past by using the "char" calculation. So char(65) =A and char(90)=Z. To increment columns you would need two variables, one to hold the numeric value and another to append to your row variable. I have attached a screen shot of a script that creates an excel sheet with 10000 rows and columns from A-Z. You would need to modify this a bit to work for you but the concept is the same. With that being said, this gets a little tricky when you start to get into the AA,AB,AC columns and so on. One of my colleague's uses this custom function to make that a non issue.



Screen Shot 2017-01-13 at 2.33.15 PM.png

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