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Report Viewing & Publishing

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Would like to give user the choice to "Close" or "Publish" report after viewing. What is the best, and most straight forward approach for this. At the moment, I have two scrips, one called "Prieview", and the other called "Publish". Would be nice to have ONE script that first "previewd". then published if user chose to.

With the preview script, I have it so it just builds a report in preview mode.
With the publish script, I have so it builds this same report, then saves .pdf, then emails it do noted contact.

When a report is build in new window, in preview mode, via script, and script is set to pause... you get a "continue" option, to, obviously continue the script. but before user clicks continue, there is no chance to set any perimeters, and or choose more then one path.

Hello, and THANK YOU for any assistance on this! :devil:

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Whether the option is Preview or Publish, build the report and go to preview mode, pause the script.  After the user clicks continue pop up a custom dialog with the choices.  Whatever the user clicks will be the branch the script takes

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