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Auto Insert Pictures from a Folder

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I use filemaker 11.  I like to take each picture file and match it to the filename and insert the picture in a folder.

My logic should be as followed:

for each picture in a folder, set the variable x as  a picture filename.
Search x(picture filename)
Insert the picture file to the container

I have problem look to set variable and set it as a picture filename from a folder.  Can anyone help me to look for the right function or command from filemaker 11.  Thanks.



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I don't understand your question. Do you already have a table where each record holds the name of one of the image files in some folder? If so, all you need to do is add a calculation field (with result type set to Container) and let it calculate the path to the corresponding image file. This is assuming your goal is just to display the image).

In any case, the logic you have outlined cannot work, because Filemaker cannot loop among the items of a folder (at least not v.11, not without a plugin).


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