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Sync a copy of a solution from a different machine

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I occasionally have problems when users gathering data overseas have poor/intermittent internet connections.

We sync a lot of data between server and laptops and sync can take a long time. In certain situations the network connectivity cannot be sustained to enable a full sync.

To workaround these unusual situations would the following scenario work:


1. User zips remote copy of solution and uploads to Dropbox.

2. User downloads new copy of solution and continues work.

3. Administrator downloads zipped copy of solution to desktop machine at office on same LAN as server.

4. Admin unzips solution solution and clicks MirrorSync sync button to sync collected data into server.


If step 4 would work it could save some time :)







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As outlined, these steps should work fine.

Be careful to avoid continuing to use the same files on multiple devices though. For instance, if you skipped step #2 and the user kept using the same copy that was being synced from another computer in step #4, then you would run into problems. Also, in step #2, make sure they are downloading a copy that is either 1) unsynced, or 2) synced, but never shared with other users.

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