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Embedded base64 image, send with 360Works Email

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I want to embedded "base64" images into the email body and send the email with 360Works Email. When I do that the image will show on recipient as a broken image.
The base64 code is taken from email I have received with 360Works.
Attached html file has only the code I use for the image. When opened this attached file in a browser, the image shows exactly the image.

I start the image code with:    <img border="0" width="192" height="65" id="Picture_x0020_9" src="data:image/png;base64,
and end it with this:    " alt="Funsparks.png">

Any one an idea what I have to change to get this the image embedded into the email body and show on recipient side??

Thanks a lot



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Hi Steven,

In order for inline attachments to work with the Email plugin, you need to use contentIDs in your html <img src> tags and then reference them in the function EmailAttachfileInline. For example:

     "<html><body><img src=\"cid:headergif123\">" &
This is an HTML message with embedded images

" &
     "<img src=\"cid:footergif456\">" &
 ) and
EmailAttachFileInline( Globals::headerContainer ; "headergif123" )
EmailAttachFileInline( Globals::footerContainer ; "footergif456" )

In this example the contentIDs (cid) are headergif123 and footergif456. These names are arbitrary. The first parameter in the EmailAttachFileInline function call can either be a field reference or a URL to the file. 

Let me know if you have any questions!

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Dear, Thanks a lot for that will test it later, but I'm sure it will work out as you said. Have a great week. Steven

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