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Scott Pon

Opening PDF files from Webdirect

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I created a database in FM pro.  It has 50 records.  A person can see the list of records.  There is a button that will open a PDF that is associated to the record.  For Record 1, the button will open the PDF "fileserver\folder1\0001.pdf".  This works.

Now i'm trying to implement this through webdirect.  A person will log in, see a list of records, then click a button to the PDF.  However.  Using the same technique as the FM Pro, this does not work. I error-capture, and it generates an 'Error 3: File not found".  this was attempted in Google Chrome and Firefox.

I've tried to use the Open URL to open "file://///fileserver/folder1/1001.pdf".  again it works in the fm pro, but does not work in webdirect.  If I type in that path in a web browser address bar, it opens the PDF.

has anyone tried to do this? what am I doing wrong? is this even possible?

Thanks in advance

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