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Modifying Transactions


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In order to modify a transaction, you have to provide the transaction ids and edit sequence.

If my modification has more expense lines than the original, the documentation says that I just have to pass "-1" as the transaction line to add a new line. What if the QB version of the transaction originally had more expense lines than your modification. Is it possible (and how to) to delete the extra expense lines in a mod request?

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Modification will drop all Lines that are not identified by their TxnLineID value. If your ModRq contains only Lines where the TxnLineID values are -1, all the original lines are dropped and the Modified Txn will have only the new Lines.

In my experience, it's easier to omit any reference to the original Txn's Lines TxnLineID values and simply pass all the Lines you want to appear on the Modified Txn with a TxnLineID value of -1. That means you don't need to explicitly store the TxnLineID values from AddRs/ModRs if you have no other reasons for doing so.

I usually discourage Modifying a transaction in favor of Voiding the original and creating a new Transaction. The Void is really easy to code, and you'd use the AddRq process you've already created to push the corrected Txn.


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This topic is 1627 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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