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NACHA file format

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I am looking for a filemkaer solution for connecting to banks (any) or API's and sending them electronic payments to process and pay from our financial institution - they are saying to just create a NACHA file - has anyone created a NACHA formatting solution for filemaker?

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I am afraid I have never heard of a NACHA file before. It appears to be a fixed-width (a.k.a fixed-length) text file. If so, it can be produced by exporting as XML while applying an XSLT stylesheet. An example of such stylesheet used to be installed with the FMP application - now it's available as a download from FMI:

IIRC, I have posted a more elaborate implementation somewhere on these forums ... Ah, yes, here it is:


Another options to assemble the text in a text field using a script - though there are some caveats that apply here, notably: (1) Export Field Contents is not server-compatible and (2) text encoding (now having a clumsy workaround via the TextEncode() function).


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