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Javascript Datatables

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Web browsers and their primary language, Javascript, have a very robust ecosystem. In fact, there's few solutions you can't find out in the world of Javascript.

So, in FileMaker, when it comes to our data and its presentation within a user friendly fashion, we can easily create a layout, set it to list view and allow users to simply start using FileMaker.

But, wait, using FileMaker itself isn't always super user-friendly. In fact, you have to learn how to sort by multiple columns by actually heading into a dialog box. Which, admittedly, becomes easier to use, but it's not immediately UI friendly in that you can't just click on the column you want to sort. Let alone select a second or third column and have those sorts apply too.

Enter the world of the Web Viewer and Javascript and it's quite refreshing what you can do and in such a short time. This video walks you through the process of setting up a Javascript library called Datatables. It's a very powerful, and immediately usable UI for working with tabular data. While you can implement the same features within FileMaker itself, it takes quite a bit longer to do so.

Click the title or link to this article to view the video.

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