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Import path for Mac or PC

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Greets, all:

I'm sure this has been asked but after searching through 168 pages of this forum, I couldn't find an answer so it's on me that if this is a repeat question. Sorry.

This involves FileMaker Pro v12 client and server on another company's machine in another location; I'm using a VPN to help out.

I want to code a script to import a file from the user's desktop (in a folder named StuAdd; the filename is Full_Download.xlsx) but I don't know how to code the syntax for importing from either a Mac or PC to the file on the server.

So far, I have:

Case ( Abs ( Get ( SystemPlatform ) ) = 1 ; "filemac:" ; "filewin:" ) & Get ( DesktopPath ) & 

...and that's as far as I got. I tried ...(Get (DesktopPath) & /StuAdd/Full_Download.xlsx, but that didn't work, so I need help with the syntax.

One question off the top of my head is, with FMP v12.x being so dated, does it even recognize .xlsx as an extension?




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The result of Get (DesktopPath) includes a trailing /, so try:

Get ( DesktopPath ) & "StuAdd/Full_Download.xlsx"


29 minutes ago, Rich said:

does it even recognize .xlsx as an extension?

The .xslx format is supported since at least version 10, if not earlier.

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