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360Works email stopped fetching new emails

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I have been using this plugin for sometime without any issues , but for some reason it lately stopped reading the latest emails , when i fetch the 100 more emails it just fetches the ones which are in the database already not bringing me in any more , any solution of what has happened here would be appreciated.

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Hello Hee,

This may be an issue with the script that you are using to read in the messages. If you are filtering emails with EmailReadMessages parameters, it may be restricting those new emails from coming in. Try reading the emails and modifying your read parameters.

However, to know for sure I would need to take a look at your email plugin logs and your script. You can send in a plugin log and a screenshot of your script to support@360works.com. Here are the instructions on how to locate those logs http://docs.360works.com/index.php/Plugin_log_files.

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Hi , thanks for your swift response.

I can't seem to locate the logs , this is my EmailReadMessages script parameters , do you see anything here that could prevent the new emails from coming in?

    "mailbox=" & MailboxBrowse::name ;
    "readonly=true" ;
    "max=" &  Account::batchSize ;
    "skip=" & Count(MessageBrowse::id) ;
    "attachments=false" ;


I would appreciate a response

Hi See attached log , could you figure this one out?


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It looks like your max batch size may be limiting the number of emails being read. The number of records skipped could also limit some of the emails from being read.

Since those values are coming from a field reference, you should run the script through the script debugger and see what values are being passed in the for the max and skip parameters.

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