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Keith M. Davie

web publishing, the fmp-includefield tag & images

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Ok, I've created one db file (FMPro 5.0v3) and seven format files Compressed as a .sit it uses 1,961,791 bytes. Compressed as a .zip it uses 2,230,863 bytes. The size is caused in part by one picture per record. The size is too big to post as an attachment on this forum. No scripts in the browser solution.

The db file is a greatly altered file which has the original use in a group of related db files. As a secondary use I have a copy which I use to experiment with web publishing conundrums. I have reduced this example to eight records, each of which contains a picture in a container field. Plus other fields.

There are seven format files (.htm and .txt) written in SimpleText. The db file and format files are in one folder. The db file in FMPro 5.0v3 is cross platform and not locked. If your pc will not allow you to open or read SimpleText in another application, you can always view Page Source in your browser.

This folder is to demonstrate a couple of cdml tags, in particular how to display an image stored in a container field and how to place an include in a format file using the fmp-includefield tag. Needless to say, a few other tags are used as well, and thus one can see how they are used.

Not discussed within the files are the necessities of the fmp-includefield tag. This will not be found in the cdml reference either. Basically there are two handling treatments. One is to store the html text (tags and all) in a global field. The other is to store the name (e.g. test.txt) in a text field. However, the text field will not work in and of itself. So one must construct a calc field which is used to display the title in such a manner that it will include text vis a vis the fmp-includefield tag. The calc is readily available in the db file. Result is text, unstored. Additionally, when accessing a record to display from the calc field, that record MUST be accessed by the fmp-currentrecid or fmp-linkrecid tags. The latter is not demonstrated here.

Similarly, you can perhaps gather from the size that serving images is best done outside the database file. But since the display question arises from time to time, an example seems in order.

Needless to say, you will need to place this in your folders such that it can be run. If you are unaware of web publishing techniques for FileMaker this is not for you. And you will need to set Web Security for a file named sire.fp5, all users (no password) and allow browse.

The sire names to search are in a drop-down list on the format file. Only the first and last named horses have a .gif. Enuff to demo the tag.


or locate and use the mailto link at the bottom of my site's default.htm to contact me.

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I thought that I had included two ways to serve picutres. But maybe I didn't. In any event here is a re-do of the original . In this there are just 5 records. Two serve pictures stored in the db. Three serve pictures through a reference/path in the db. Handling is with an fmp-if conditional.


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This topic is 6478 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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