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Having a problem for Importing Excel file.

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I have a Import button on my layout that will import excel file ,

it works well ,but the problem is when importing the file is that it also imports the blank data from the excel.

It will add up to my space every time i will use this function, and it will cause problem someday.

I don't want that to happen, So please help me for excluding the blank data to my filemaker application.

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It is hard to advise with so few details. In general, you can either fix the source file or validate one of the target fields as not empty, validate always. This should prevent the import of empty records - if that's what you mean by "blank data". Alternatively, you could follow the import with finding empty records and deleting them - but that would be an inferior solution, IMHO.


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blank data means empty data, it's like i have 3 records in the excel but when i finished import process it says i have 12 or more data that have been imported, but actually it only contains 3 records.

please tell me how can i validate?

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