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Summary Report - Determine Percentage

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I feel a little sheepish asking this because I've done it many times before but just can't remember how to do it today; too stressed out from not being able to buy eggs, milk, bread, toilet paper...


What I want to do (in Layout 2 after sub-summarizing/sorting by Course Name then Risk Level)  is show the percentage of the Student Count ( = 150) to the right of the Risk Level, e.g.,


Achieving 96 (64%)

At RIsk 6 ( 4%)

Early Alert 48 ( 32%)


I tried the calculation, 

( RiskLevel__lxs / StudentCount__lxs ) * 100

...but that doesn't work. *heavy sigh* I feel sooooo dense.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Summary Example.fmp12

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Thanks. I've read and re-read your link's post and I still don't "get it." *heavy sigh* I'll keep at it.

Indeed, the unnecessary scarcity of common foods and goods is a sobering reminder that we more to fear from each other than anything Nature can throw at us.

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Posted (edited)

On edit:  *smile*  Timing's everything--I figured it out just before you posted, Comment.

I was going write, "Great minds think alike," but I don't hold a candle to yours. Thank you!

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